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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Adhesives and Sealants

Improve driving comfort, performance, safety and reliability. Dow Corning® brand adhesive/sealants can help.

High-performance silicone and fluorosilicone adhesive/sealants

Meet automotive bonding, sealing and gasketing challenges

With a choice of Dow Corning silicone and fluorosilicone adhesive/sealants, you can meet many needs for durable bonding, sealing and gasketing. These proven, high-performance materials can help you prevent component failures, reduce costly warranty repairs and improve customer satisfaction. They can also help you increase:

  • Driving comfort by preventing squeaks and rattles and eliminating noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
  • Performance by providing strong component bonds and seals
  • Safety by improving system sealing and gasketing durability
  • Reliability by resisting heat, cold and harsh conditions in long-term service

Find silicone adhesive/sealants to meet your exact requirements

  • One-Part Moisture Cure RTV Adhesive/Sealants 
    • Non-flowing and flowable options; cures to flexible elastomer
    • Room temperature cure; opaque and translucent options; resist humidity and other harsh environments; good dielectric properties; good adhesion to a variety of common substrates
  • Two-Part Room Temperature Condensation Cure Adhesive/Sealants
    • Two-part RTV silicone elastomers
    • Non-flowing; cure to flexible elastomers
    • Rapid cure and green strength at room temperature; deep section cure; resist humidity and other harsh environments; good dielectric properties; self-priming adhesion
  • Heat-Cure Adhesive/Sealants
    • One- and two-part silicone elastomers
    • Non-flowing and flowable options; cure to flexible elastomers
    • Fast thermal cure; resist humidity and other harsh environments; good dielectric properties; self-priming adhesion

Silicone assembly sealant speeds up production of automotive lighting systems

Dow Corning® HM-2510 Assembly Sealant, with instant green strength, helps shorten production cycle time, improve productivity, and save labor and material.

Read a success story.

Headlamp case history module photo

Receive total innovation, development and application support
With silicone and fluorosilicone adhesive/sealants from Dow Corning, you receive:

  • A reliable, global supply of high-performance materials for specialized applications
  • More than 65 years of experience in the development of innovative silicon-based technologies for transportation applications
  • Effective solutions for many challenges
  • Collaborative problem-solving and extensive product support
Collaboration yields better results
Working on something new? Facing a unique automotive bonding, sealing or gasketing challenge? Discover how we can work together to develop solutions for your automotive bonding, sealing and gasketing applications. In addition to proven, high-quality materials, Dow Corning brings you innovation expertise, customized services and support.

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Silicone sealants are helping improve motoring safety in India, a world leader in two- and three-wheel vehicles. Silicones outperform certain organic hot melts for sealing headlight and taillight assemblies, and manufacturers can use brighter, hotter, longer-lasting bulbs.

Read Silicone technology makes life brighter for Indian two-wheeler automotive riders (PDF).

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