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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Industrial Mold Release
Agents and Solutions

Mold Release Agents - Improving Release
and Lubricity.


Improve release and lubricity

Silicone release agents are used in die cast release, mold release, tire release, plastic release, and concrete release solutions, among other solutions. Dow Corning silicone release technology enables quicker release of products made in molds, such as tires and food containers, or provides lubricity and slipperiness in applications using rollers, such as newspaper presses and conveyor belts, all resulting in:

  • Faster throughput
  • Cleaner finished products
  • Less material waste
  • Longer life of the mold or machinery

Capitalize on the unique properties of silicone release agents

  • Lower surface tension than most polymers
  • Higher heat stability than organic alternatives
  • Superior oxidation resistance characteristics
  • Lower use rates than organics

Explore proven solutions for your industrial release applications

Dow Corning brings you decades of silicone release technology expertise and products that have demonstrated their versatility, reliability, safety and efficiency in a broad range of industrial applications, including:

Die cast release – Silicone emulsions and fluids for use in the molding, casting, or extrusion of aluminum or aluminum alloy parts are designed for release of articles that require post-finishing and are also excellent for release of parts to be coated, painted, bonded, or plated.

Mold release – Durable silicone fluids and emulsions for use in a wide range of mold release agent formulations and mold release applications including the fabrication of plastics, adhesives, elastomeric products, and automotive parts.

Tire release – Easy-to-use water-dilutable silicone release agents for use in tire production as bladder lubricants or inside tire sprays.

Plastic release – Highly efficient and semi-permanent fluids and emulsions for the release of polyurethane and polyester parts, such as shoe soles; automotive parts, including bumpers, crash-pads and dashboards; and microcellular automotive parts and furniture (integral skin).

Concrete release   – Silicone emulsion for the release of concrete paver blocks and other concrete parts from rubber molds; reduces mold-removal damage and concrete waste without affecting the ability of the finished parts to be painted or coated.

Improve release and lubricity

Learn how silicone release agents work by visiting our Fascinating Silicone Chemistry Corner Release Agents.

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XIAMETER® Silicone Release Agents Selection GuideFind the Right Release Agent

Find out which silicone release agents work best in your application. Download the XIAMETER® brand Silicone Release Agents Selection Guide (PDF).
Concrete paver blocksReduce Concrete Breakage and Waste

Improve release of concrete paver blocks from rubber molds with Dow Corning® 2418 Release Emulsion.
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