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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Advantages of silicone
building solutions for
(OEM) manufacturers

Add value and improve productivity with the
right solutions and expertise for fabrication of
building components.


Enhance product value and manufacturing productivity

Rely on innovative silicone building solutions from Dow Corning to help you add value and improve productivity in manufacturing a wide range of fabricated OEM construction components. Our OEM sealing, bonding, weatherproofing and insulating products offer proven, effective performance. And, Dow Corning also offers you the in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise to provide collaborative product design and development support
to optimize your processes, meet your OEM specifications, achieve assembly efficiencies and help reduce your costs.

Silicone building solutions can help you:

  • Enable designs that can improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint, while meeting stringent customer requirements.
  • Get value-added thinking with Dow Corning OEM collaboration to help develop new materials, technologies and techniques to keep pace with high-performance building needs with industry-leading materials, supply services and training support.
  • Boost productivity with a range of investment options to meet your manufacturing needs from minimal automation to fully automated factory environments.
  • Get silicone advantages to take steps out of production processes, reduce waste and save energy, while ensuring end-product long-term durability, weatherproofing, energy efficiency and more.

Explore the High Performance Building Solutions you need:

Construction Chemicals
Construction Chemicals

Meet customer demands for long service life, reduced maintenance and improved aesthetics.
Fabricated Window, Door and Building Elements
Fabricated Window, Door and Building Elements

Design and assemble high-quality, leak-free and energy-efficient windows and doors, insulated glass units and fabricated components.
Design with Confidence with Dow Corning Building Solutions
Design with Confidence

Develop unique building materials and fabricated components with trusted silicone functional and performance value, plus broad technical support.
Smart Building Solutions with Integrating Structural Elements
Design with Inspiration: Smart Buildings

Manufacture building components from glass to lighting systems that can be integrated into advanced building automation systems.
Commercial Glazing and Building Envelope Weathersealing and Air Barrier Solutions
Commercial Glazing and Building Envelope

Design and manufacture building components with unmatched weather resistance, long-term durability, and warranted sealing performance.
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Quality Bond ProgramOur Quality Bond Program

Ensure customer confidence and satisfaction with best practices in
quality control.

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