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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Dow Corning® Silicone
Solutions for Automotive
PCB Modules Assembly


IMAGINE: Proven Solutions for Driving Innovation

From conventional to hybrid and electric automobiles, today's vehicles rely on advanced PCB module assemblies to improve safety, reliability, emissions, energy efficiency and comfort far more than ever. These must perform reliably despite long exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, and mechanical stress. In addition, the increasing functionality and power density of onboard devices often generates more heat which can also degrade performance and reliability.

Dow Corning can help you navigate these challenges with over seven decades of expertise and one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of advanced silicone thermal materials, adhesives, potting materials, and conformal coatings. We can help you find the optimal materials solution to:

  • Dissipate damaging heat: With one of the industry's broadest portfolios of thermally conductive silicones, Dow Corning can meet needs ranging from standard to the most advanced applications. For integrated and powerful components, our advanced compounds and greases deliver high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistivity at thin bond lines. For more stringent needs our thermally conductive adhesives offer a unique combination of high thermal conductivity and strong dielectric properties. Additionally our gap filler products can bring customers the right combination of thermal performance and economics.
  • Bond and seal housings: Our high-performance silicone adhesives and sealants deliver excellent unprimed adhesion for your lid seal and fixturing applications. Able to adhere firmly to FR4, polybutylene terephthalate, aluminum, copper and other common materials, their strong bonds remain flexible over a wide temperature range and they adapt well to materials with mismatched coefficients of thermal expansion.
  • Encapsulate components: Able to embed complex parts, our low modulus silicone encapsulants deliver long-lasting protection against moisture, extreme temperatures, salt and severe mechanical stresses stemming from vibration or thermal cycling. Our ultra-low modulus silicone gels minimize both contamination and stress to protect the most fragile wires.
  • Coat boards and assemblies: Our high-performance conformal coatings offer innovative options for reducing weight by helping to eliminate mechanical screws and fasteners. These materials offer time-tested performance under high and low temperature conditions, making them the proven solutions for protecting your most sensitive PCB module assemblies.

Combined with Dow Corning's design and processing expertise, our materials offer breakthrough solutions to help you develop more dependable electronic components and assemblies that improve the performance, durability, fuel-economy, emissions and safety of your vehicle design.

As an established global leader in silicone materials and expertise, we deliver reliable and consistent supply and support along the entire automotive electronics value chain for our customers worldwide. Contact us  to learn how we can help you steer your next design to higher performance – from the factory floor, to the showroom, to the highway and beyond.


Thermally conductive silicone adhesives (PDF)
Silicone coatings for automotive PCBs (PDF)
Silicone encapsulants for automotive PCB module assembly (PDF)
Thermally conductive gap fillers (PDF)
Housings that optimize reliability and processing (PDF)
DOWSIL™ EA-5151 Adhesive (VIDEO)

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