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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Silicone Adhesives and
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Whether your module or assembly demands an adhesive offering proven performance, flexible processing options, simpler assembly or thermal management, Dow Corning’s advanced silicone adhesives and sealants can help you achieve your most challenging design goals.

As a class of self-priming materials, Dow Corning’s silicone adhesives and sealants form reliable, long-lasting bonds to a variety of substrates, including ceramics, metals, glass and filled plastics – all without the need for mechanical fastening and clamping. Many of our solutions are recognized by Underwriter Laboratories or included on Mil Spec qualified product listings to ease compliance for finished parts.

Within our versatile portfolio, you will find a broad selection of viscosities and cure chemistries to meet your processing needs. Once cured, all Dow Corning adhesives and sealants form strong, but flexible bonds that help dampen mechanical stress and vibration. They perform reliably over a wide range of operating temperatures – from -45°C to 200°C – and offer excellent dielectric insulation. Most our silicone formulations are solventless, minimizing the need for special storage, handling or ventilation; and many are reworkable to allow for easier module repair.

Silicone adhesives and sealants from Dow Corning fall into two categories:

  • One-part moisture-cure grades: Our room-temperature vulcanized materials require no mixing or oven equipment to process. Instead, they draw moisture from ambient air to cure simply and cost-effectively. After cure, these materials form strong, but flexible bonds with proven performance in the most demanding applications.
  • One or two-part heat-cure solutions: Dow Corning’s broad selection of heat-cure silicone adhesives and sealants support high throughput production. Available in one- or two-part formulations, these versatile materials dispense easily at room temperature, yet cure quickly at any thickness at temperatures as low as 90°C. Higher temperatures accelerate cure times to further improve productivity.

In addition, Dow Corning offers special adhesive grades with enhanced thermal conductivity, as well as the new Hot Melt Adhesives to enable slimmer smart devices manufactured more simply.

Our expertise in silicone adhesives and sealants has helped drive customer success in applications across several end-markets, including automotive, consumer devices, communications, and industrial and energy.

Common applications where our materials have delivered decades of proven performance include:

  • Adhering module lids and baseplates
  • Gasketing
  • Sealing in and around wires and other openings in the module
  • Protecting terminal electrodes
  • Affixing components such as capacitors and coils to circuit boards
  • Cushioning or stabilizing fragile components
  • Sealing lids and housing grooves

More than a world-class materials supplier, Dow Corning is an expert and dedicated collaborator. If our product finder cannot identify an off-the-shelf solution that meets your precise specifications or if you are looking for application expertise and support please contact us.

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Imagine: Slimmer smart devices manufactured more simply.
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