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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Silicone Encapsulant Materials


IMAGINE: Minimizing stress to maximize reliability

Whether your design targets industrial, automotive, computing or communications applications, shielding sensitive components against harsh conditions is critical to ensuring reliable performance. For nearly seven decades, Dow Corning® silicone encapsulants and gels have helped improve the reliability and performance of complex or extremely delicate components against the most demanding environments.

These highly processable, low modulus materials cure effectively, even in layers several centimeters thick, to provide flexible protection against environmental contamination, vibration and thermal stress. They also possess excellent dielectric properties for effective insulation against high voltages. Specialty grades offer additional features, such as low-temperature or ultraviolet cure, stability in temperatures down to -80°C, controlled volatility and thixotropic properties. Many of our products are solventless to minimize the need for special storage, handling or ventilation.

Our potting materials fall into two categories:

  • Encapsulants: Flexible yet resilient, our silicone encapsulants cure with minimal shrinkage and involve no solvents or cure by-products, helping to maximize processing efficiency and minimize costs. After cure, they form strong but low-stress environmental seals that can be reworked and repaired easily. Specialty grades deliver excellent optical clarity, thermal conductivity, flame retardance or reliable performance from –45°C to 200°C.
  • Gels: The supremely low modulus of silicone gels combines the stress relief and
    self–healing qualities of a liquid with the dimensional stability of an elastomer. These unique materials are often applied in thick layers to totally encapsulate large components. They deliver excellent protection against damaging moisture and thermal and mechanical stress. Our broad portfolio includes gels with low/high temperature stability, solvent-resistant materials and tough gels with improved mechanical strength to prevent bubble or crack generation in high voltage applications. Our flame-resistant gels carry recognition from Underwriters Laboratories’ UL 94V flammability classification.

Applications where Dow Corning® encapsulants and gels commonly help to enhance reliability include:

  • Flexible and rigid printed circuit boards
  • Power modules
  • LED lighting and displays
  • High-voltage electrical components
  • Industrial equipment
  • Automotive and transportation PCB system assembly

More than a world-class materials supplier, Dow Corning is an expert and dedicated collaborator. If our product finder cannot identify an off-the-shelf solution that meets your precise specifications, or if you are looking for application expertise and support please contact us.

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Minimize stress, maximize reliability

Silicone encapsulants for automotive applications
Dow Corning®
EE-3200 Low Stress Encapsulant"

A low viscosity encapsulant
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