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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Topical Ingredients for Consumer Healthcare

Accelerate the development of your consumer healthcare topical solution with a new, broad range of silicon-based ingredients. These come with appropriate regulatory documentation and specifications, along with proven aesthetics and functional film characteristics.

To ensure consistent, high quality Dow Corning® brand Topical Ingredients are manufactured at defined manufacturing sites with the appropriate healthcare oversight and audits.

Dow Corning's new topical ingredient line is composed of ingredients with unique features allowing you to develop innovative solutions to serve the consumer healthcare market in product forms like barrier creams, breathable lotions, aqueous gels, anhydrous ointments and sprays.

  • Regulatory: Ingredient Information Package aligned with the requirements of the consumer healthcare market
  • Ingredients sourced from an audited supply chain
  • Manufactured at defined manufacturing sites with the appropriate healthcare oversight and audits
  • Proven aesthetics
Looking for an innovative topical application? We can help you create new solutions to pleasantly and rapidly improve skin problems. Choose the right Dow Corning® brand Topical Ingredients for Consumer Healthcare Applications:
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Consumer Healthcare

Topical Ingredients for
Consumer Healthcare

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