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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Silicone Solutions for
Scar and Stretch Mark

Efficacy. Compliance.

Develop patient-preferred scar and stretch mark treatments

Patients today are looking for easy-to-use, over-the-counter remedies that can help them prevent or reduce scars and stretch marks – simply, comfortably and effectively. Dow Corning can help you meet this growing demand with proven silicone technology.

Improve efficacy and patient compliance

Silicones have a long history of efficacy in scar and stretch mark prevention applications. Because they have the ability to form uniform, water-resistant films, silicones can be considered first-line therapy for scar and stretch mark management. Plus, silicone-based formulations offer a pleasurable feel and ease of use that can greatly improve patient compliance.

Dow Corning offers a range of high-quality, proven raw materials to help you formulate products for the prevention of scars and stretch marks.

Explore inspirational formulations

See for yourself how beneficial Dow Corning ® silicones can be in the development of a wide range of scar and stretch mark treatments. Download PDFs for formulation details.

Scar Management   Stretch Mark Management  
Substantive Scar Gel 1544 (PDF) – Semi-solid anhydrous gel; semi-occlusive; good substantivity and resistance to wash; excellent sensory profile

Protective Scar Gel 1688 (PDF) – Semi-solid anhydrous gel; semi-occlusive; comfortable and protective1 with good substantivity and medium resistance to wash

SiCAR Camouflage 2083 (PDF) – Semi-solid anhydrous gel with pigment; occlusive; comfortable film with good coverage

SiCAR Serum 2082 (PDF) – Semi-solid anhydrous gel based on pharmaceutical excipient; non-occlusive; substantive skin-protectant1 serum with a matt effect and comfortable feel

Non-Tacky UV Scar Gel – EU 2063 (PDF) – Semi-solid anhydrous sun gel; semi-occlusive; contains sun filters for UVA protection; formulated for use in Europe

Non-Tacky UV Scar Gel – US 2064 (PDF) – Semi-solid anhydrous sun gel; semi-occlusive; contains sun filters; formulated for use in the United States

SiCAR Ointment 2081 (PDF) – Anhydrous balm with a matt finish; occlusive; leaves a non-tacky and comfortable feel on the skin

SiCAR Cream 2030 (PDF) – Water-in-silicone emulsion; non-occlusive; substantive and comfortable hydrating emulsion containing Centella asiatica extract

1Contains Dow Corning® Q7-9120 Silicone Fluid (Dimethicone NF), which meets the requirements as skin protectant for over-the-counter human drug products (FDA monograph 21 CFR, Part 347.10).

Work with a healthcare leader

With more than 60 years of healthcare market experience in the design of silicone-based systems, you can rely on Dow Corning for:

  • Reputable, cost-effective silicone-based materials
  • Proven aesthetics and functional film characteristics
  • A complete information package
  • Manufacturing at defined sites with the appropriate healthcare oversight and audits

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