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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Fabric Softeners and Laundry

Deliver differentiated feel and performance
with efficient silicone additives.


Silicone laundry additives help formulators deliver the benefits consumers demand

Dow Corning offers silicones in ready-to-use emulsion form that help maintain the look, feel and newness of clothes before, during or after the laundering process.

Through the incorporation of these silicones into fabric softeners, ironing aids and other laundry additives, clothes will maintain their appearance - that new look and feel - longer. Known to give enhanced softness and absorbency with most fabric softener formulations, silicones also provide additional benefits for this era of "convenience" or "easy care" products. By partially replacing organic quats and other compounds with silicones - or by adding silicones to existing formulations - you can differentiate your formulations to modify or enhance sensory and performance benefits.

Test results confirm that silicone technologies bring consumer benefits in rinse-cycle fabric softeners, including:

  • Softness
  • Ease of ironing
  • Easy rinse

Products for Fabric Care Benefits

XIAMETER® MEM-8203 Emulsionfeel Non-ionic microemulsion of amido-functional silicone. Provides softness and water absorbency.
XIAMETER® MEM-8035 Emulsion Cationic emulsion of elastomeric amino-functional silicone. Provides softness, mechanical strength and water absorbency.
Dow Corning® FM-6620 EmulsionHigh active content. Easy to incorporate.
Effective at low addition levels. Provides softness and volume. Imparts water absorbency.
*Not all products available globally

Products for Easy Rinse

In hand-wash laundry, effective foam reduction after the first rinse leads to fewer rinse cycles, saving water, time and effort, even in semi-automatic washing machines.

Dow Corning® AC-8066 AntifoamFor single-rinse fabric softeners Contributes to water savings in laundry hand-wash rinsing process; less consumer time and effort spent on hand-washing clothes
*Not all products available globally

Refer to our selection guide (PDF) and order a sample to get started with the right solution for your challenges. Or contact Dow Corning to learn how we can collaborate to develop solutions for your specific applications.
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Learn more about Dow Corning® FM-6620 Emulsion for rince cycle fabric conditioning.
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