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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Reduce Energy Waste

Trim energy use and service needs with
advanced friction and wear control.


Reduce energy waste with Molykote® Smart Lubrication™ solutions

Spending less on energy, shrinking your CO2 footprint, and improving sustainability can start with reducing friction in your machine tools, equipment components and processing systems. Molykote® Smart Lubrication™ solutions from Dow Corning can help.

Our application-matched lubricant formulations can help you discover potential energy savings simply by using proper lubrication. Frictional losses generate unwanted heat and cause machine efficiency to drop. To get a sense of how much you may save, run your numbers on our interactive Lubrication Energy Savings Calculator.

In addition to saving energy with proper lubrication, you can also ensure your design works to maximum efficiency and avoid unnecessary maintenance. Depend on our full range of solutions for industrial assembly and maintenance:

Get efficient with proper lubricating, bonding, sealing and insulating

Some examples of our energy-efficiency solutions for assembly and maintenance are:

  • In the water management industry, Molykote® lubricants help reduce frictional losses and Dow Corning® sealants prevent leakage.
  • For energy generation, Dow Corning® sealants provide form-in-place gaskets, and Molykote® lubricants help increase turbine-generator reliability.
  • In the metals industry, Molykote® lubricants help reduce frictional energy losses from heavily loaded equipment in extreme heat and corrosive moisture.

Get the benefit of Dow Corning® materials innovation, application expertise and technical support to help you reduce energy waste and increase efficiency. Connect your needs with our ideas. Challenge us to find the right solutions. Collaborate to get the answers that work.

Find your industry solutions for assembly and maintenance.

Get innovation support Request special materials

Ask for specific properties in the lubricating, bonding and sealing solutions needed for your industrial assembly and maintenance job challenges.

CollaborationSpecial challenges or needs? Our problem-solving experts are ready to help you develop effective solutions.

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Field report

Faced with relubrication of 600,000 bearings monthly, a major textile company found that Molykote® G-2001 Grease (PDF) could reduce bearing lubrication costs by more than 38%, while also improving energy efficiency and machinery service life.
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Lubrication energy savings calculator

Molykote® lubricants from Dow Corning reduce friction to save energy in industrial operations.

Industrial lubrication troubleshooting guide

Molykote® lubricants from Dow Corning can help solve typical industrial lubrication problems.

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