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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Lubricants for Imaging Machines

Designers and engineers can depend on Molykote® Lubricants to provide long-lasting, plastic-compatible, heat-stable lubrication that reduces noise in office equipment.

Review the lubrication application / product recommendation table below.  Select product links for technical information and MSDS.

Laser Beam Printer (LBP)     |     Ink Jet Printer     |     Multi-Function Printer (MFP)

ApplicationPartsTypical Performance NeedsMolykote® Recommendation*
Laser Beam PrinterHeat Roller and
Bearing Lubricant
Heat stabilityHP-300   |   HP-500
 Paper feeding/Ejection GearsPlastic Compatibility,
Noise Reduction
EM-30L   |  EM-50L
 Paper Guide and
Cassette Lubricant
Plastic LubricantPD-910
 Paper Provide Adjust ActuatorPlastic Compatibility,
Noise Reduction
 One-way Clutch
Torque Limiter
High Torque,
Plastic Compatibility
DX Paste   |   G-8010
 Toner Cartridge GearPlastic Compatibility,
Noise Reduction
EM-50L   |  L-8001

Ink Jet PrinterInk CartridgePlastic Compatibility,
Invisible Dry Lubricant
(long endurance, low bleeding)
PD-910   |   PG-641
 Paper TrayPlastic Compatibility
 Plastic GearPlastic Compatibility
No Oil Spreading
EM-50L   |   PG series
PD-910   |   L-8001

Multi-Function Printer (MFP)Heat Roller and BearingHeat StabilityHP-300   |   HP-500
 Bearing on Fuser Roller UnitHigh Temperature StabilityHP-300   |   HP-500
 Paper Feeding
Sorting Unit Gears
Plastic Compatibility
Noise Reduction
EM-30L   |   EM-50L
 Paper Guide and
Plastic Compatibility
Invisible Dry Lubricant
 Paper Provide Adjust ActuatorPlastic Compatibility
Noise Reduction
 Toner Cartridge GearPlastic Compatibility
Noise Reduction
EM-50L   |   L-8001

*Product availability may vary by region.  Product recommendations will vary based on user's performance requirements and application conditions.  Please consult with a Dow Corning technical expert to evaluate your specific needs.

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