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Silicones from Dow Corning
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The Dow Corning Difference
What Do You Need To Do?

The Dow Corning
Difference for LED Industry

Achieve things never before imagined

Many materials suppliers are eager to capitalize on the accelerating growth of the LED industry. But what makes working with Dow Corning uniquely valuable?

Our unique high-performance solutions
Dow Corning® optical-quality silicones combine some of the very best qualities of glass and plastic. Like glass, they provide high transparency to wavelengths in the visible spectrum, strong dielectric insulation and powerful resistance to moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Like plastics and other carbon-based organic polymers, our silicones merge superb moldability with mechanical strength. But, unlike competitive materials, our silicone technologies are more easily customized enabling us to tailor them to deliver an amazing range of performance properties to benefit your specific LED lamp or luminaire design.

Our distinctively collaborative culture
Our expertise is as versatile as our materials. We work closely with customers across the LED Lighting industry to help reduce time, risk and cost at every stage of new product development – from concept through commercialization. With Dow Corning as your collaborator, you can rely on our ongoing technical support as well as the expertise of Dow Corning’s advanced Electronics Application and Packaging Centers. They can help you develop an integrated business plan to rapidly commercialize new technology, help streamline your manufacturing process and help reduce waste, lower reject and failure claim rates and ensure trouble-free process startups.

Our extended network of support
Dow Corning multiplies the value of its in-house expertise with extended networks of industry resources. Through our Equipment Alliance of worldwide equipment suppliers, we can help you locate, finance, install and run the most high-efficiency systems for applying our silicon-based materials. Additionally, our LED Innovation Ecosystem puts dozens of optical and component designers, molders and manufacturers at your service. Through this Ecosystem, lamp and luminaire customers can optimize the power of our industry-leading silicone technology, and move their product concept from design to prototype to production – quickly and cost-effectively.

Our stability
For seven decades, Dow Corning has collaborated closely with designers and manufacturers spanning the entire lighting value chain to enable breakthrough innovations that, today, are changing the way people think about LED lighting. Our commitment to invest in development of game-changing LED silicone materials derives from our long-running heritage of collaborative innovation and financial strength.

Our global reach
Headquartered in Midland, Mich., USA, Dow Corning, wholly owned by
The Dow Chemical Company, is a truly global company with an expansive distributor network working across the world. So, no matter where you are located, we are well-equipped to provide you with a reliable supply of optical-quality silicone materials, technical support and customer service.

Let us put our innovative thinking to work for you. With Dow Corning’s materials and expertise, your LED module, lamp or luminaire design can achieve things never before imagined.

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