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Silicones from Dow Corning
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See Our Brightest Illuminating Innovations at LpS 2017

Learn how to get the best light with Dow innovative silicone solutions:

  • Brighter, more-efficient, reliable light
  • More design flexibility using silicone optics
  • Extended use of silicone optics beyond visible light illumination
Don't miss our Lighting specialist's presentation:
"Innovation in Water Purification Systems with UV-C LEDs and Silicone Optics"
Speaker: Dr. François de Buyl,
Senior Lighting Application Engineer
Time: During Session 5, Wednesday, September 27, 14:00-16:30 p.m.
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Dr. François de Buyl
New Innovations at LpS
Dow Corning® MS-4007 Moldable Silicone
Newest member of the award-winning family, provides silicone optics solutions for LED luminaire applications. It offers lower light attenuation than our popular Dow Corning® MS-1002 Moldable Silicone, enabling optical engineers to design optics with longer light path lengths. If higher hardness is desired, Dow Corning® MS-4002 Moldable Silicone and Dow Corning® Collaborative Successes. Innovative Solutions MS-4022 Moldable Silicone are available.
Dow Corning® CI-2001 White Reflective Coating
This white coating is >98% reflective and improves the total light output from your LEDs - especially when combined with a silicone potting compound.
Dow Corning® SE 4485 Thermally Conductive Adhesive
The best-in-class 3 W/mK, one-part, RTV-cure adhesive ensures efficient thermal management in automotive and general lighting applications.

Dow Corning® EA-2900 Sealant White
For high-performance and fast assembly, this one-part, RTV-cure adhesive for lighting applications rapidly develops high "green strength," which is beneficial for high throughput assembly of optics into
LED modules.
LpS 2017 7th International LED professinoal Symposium
Bregenz, Austria
September 26-28, Booth D2
Meet with an expert to discuss your specific lighting needs.

Contact us to receive a free entrance pass to the exhibition.
Want to Know More?
Learn more about our newest additions to the Moldable Optical Silicones family.
Discover Benefits
Silicones for secondary optics in LED lighting can enhance efficiency, processability and design flexibility.

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