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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Water/Oil Separation

Silicone demulsifiers for higher-quality oil.


Boost formulation performance. Optimize the oil demulsification process.

The Dow Corning® DMx line of silicone demulsifiers represents a range of different structures and molecular weights that have been proven effective in water/oil demulsification.

The effectiveness of silicone demulsifiers has been demonstrated over the years in the
field, both as a stand-alone solution for low-temperature separation and as a performance booster for organic-based formulations, at levels between 10 and 30 wt% based on formulation active ingredients.

Silicone polyethers from Dow Corning exhibit:

  • Low surface tension (in some cases down to ~21 dyn/cm compared to ~30 dyn/cm for typical hydrocarbon surfactants in water)
  • Low cohesive energy
  • Surface active characteristics in both aqueous and nonaqueous media
  • Inverse temperature solubility

Proven demulsifiers from Dow Corning provide:

  • Rapid water drop rate
  • Better interface definition
  • Improved resolved-water quality
  • Low-temperature performance
  • Overall improved cost-in-use for demulsification operations

Key advantages

  • Enables operations in a broad range of environmental conditions where maintaining temperature can be difficult
  • Fast, more complete water-in-oil emulsion resolution - tests show that replacing an organic demulsifier with Dow Corning® DM1 Demulsifier results in significantly faster and more complete resolution of the emulsion - at least a 30%v improvement
  • Exceptional water drop performance - replacing an incumbent organic demulsifier with a Dow Corning® brand demulsifier can increase water drop from 21% to 26%

View detailed test performance data graphs in the Dow Corning® Crude Oil Demulsifiers brochure (PDF).

Select the right demulsifier for the job

@ 25°C, cSt
or mm2/s
Minimum Flash
Point Closed
Cup, °C
Dow Corning® DM1 Demulsifier 2,000 70 6.6
Dow Corning® DM2 Demulsifier 315 60 12.3
Dow Corning® DM3 Demulsifier 280 80 6.6
Dow Corning® DM4 Demulsifier 40 100 11.5
Dow Corning® DM5 Demulsifier 350 60 9.2
Dow Corning® DM6 Demulsifier 260 60 10.5
Dow Corning® DM7 Demulsifier 350 77 6.7
Dow Corning® DM8 Demulsifier 285 103 7.9
*HLB equivalent = (molecular weight of ethylene oxide/molecular weight of total polymer) x 20.

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