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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Innovative resin solutions help create coatings formulations with differentiated performance


Achieve the best combination of performance, economy and regulatory compliance

Dow Corning can help you create coatings that set you apart from the competition. With Dow Corning's diverse line of silicone resins/binders and reactive intermediates, you can meet a wide range of high temperature and cookware coatings, industrial maintenance and protective coatings formulation requirements.

  • Organic resin compatibility
  • Thermal resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Improved weatherability
  • UV stability
  • Color and gloss retention
  • Compliance with VOC regulations

Product Highlights

Latest Product Launches

Dow Corning® 3055 Resin Dow Corning® 3055 Resin
This isocyanate- and HAPS-free amino silicone resin can be used in a wide variety of protective coatings to improve chemical, thermal, UV, corrosion and moisture resistance
Dow Corning® 3074 Intermediate Dow Corning® 3074 Intermediate
A solventless liquid resin that offers high compatibility with organic resins and can be used in architectural and marine applications, cookware exteriors and industrial protective coatings
Dow Corning® 3037 Intermediate Dow Corning® 3037 Intermediate
This solventless liquid silicone is mutually miscible with Dow Corning® 3074 Intermediate and can be used in similar applications but achieves
greater flexibility
High heat resistance Dow Corning® 2405 Resin
A solventless resin for room temper-
ature curing and high-temperature resistance with improved impact resistance/flexibility and better build

Explore Your Options

Tailor your coating formulations to solve tough performance challenges and achieve your ideal combination of performance and economy. Dow Corning® silicone resins and intermediates are compatible with many organic resins, and many combinations of these silicone resins can be formulated for specific applications and film properties.

Learn about your options and gain a competitive edge in the coatings marketplace with our Resins and Intermediates Selection Guide (PDF).


Interactive Additive Selection Guide

Resins and Intermediates Selection Guide  (PDF)

Dow Corning® 3074 Intermediate Data Sheet (PDF)

Dow Corning® 3037 Intermediate Data Sheet (PDF)

Dow Corning® 2405 Resin Product Information Sheet (PDF)

Dow Corning® 3055 Resin Web page

Dow Corning® 3055 Resin Product Information Sheet (PDF)

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