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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Power Up Your Solvent-Based Paints, Coatings and Inks

with Improved Formulation Stability and Color Consistency

Power Up Your Coatings with Our New 700P Additive
Power Up

Improve dispersion of TiO2 pigments in solvent-based paints, reduce the risk of flooding and floating, and reduce yellowing at high temperatures with an innovative silicone additive from Dow Corning

If improving the dispersion of titanium dioxide pigments, improving gloss and reducing haze, and improving resistance to yellowing during high-bake or over-bake conditions are important to you, consider Dow Corning® 700P Additive.

About Dow Corning® 700P Additive

At very low concentrations, this siloxane-based dispersant effectively disperses inorganic pigments, preventing pigment flooding and floating in solvent-based formulations – particularly TiO2-based whites, grays and pastel shades. It offers good cost-in-use compared to competitive products, and compared to organic dispersants, it is remarkably resistant to yellowing at high temperatures. Plus, it can be added in pigment grind or during let-down for formulating flexibility.

Targeted applications and markets

  • Wood coatings
  • Protective coatings
  • Industrial coatings
  • Automotive OEM and refinish paints
  • Printing inks
  • Pigment pastes

Advantages of Dow Corning 700P Additive

  • Highly efficient dispersant for titanium dioxide pigments in a broad range of solvenborne paints and inks
  • Improves pigment utilization and reduces millbase viscosity
  • Provides high gloss and low haze
  • Low yellowing under high-temperature conditions
  • Reduces pigment flooding and floating for improved color consistency and color matching
  • Low-VOC and low-odor

Highly efficient

Effective at a much lower dosage than competitive dispersants, Dow Corning 700P Additive also delivers higher gloss and lower haze.

Figure 1. TiO2 dispersion efficiency – gloss/haze in white paint

Alkyd resin pigmented with Lomon R996 TiO2

Alkyd resin pigmented with Lomon® R996 TiO2

Good storage stability

Dow Corning 700P Additive creates stable, non-flocculated TiO2 dispersions, outperforming competitive solutions at a significantly lower dosage. Formulations treated with Dow Corning  700P Additive display good gloss and low haze over time; while formulations treated with competitive dispersants lose gloss, and their haze increases.

Figure 2. Stabilization of TiO2 dispersions – gloss/haze before and after storage

Alkyd resin pigmented with Lomon R996 TiOeljCustomAttribute40end2eljCustomAttribute41end and tinted with carbon black pasteAlkyd resin pigmented with Lomon® R996 TiO2 and tinted with carbon black paste

Resistance to yellowing at high temperatures

When subjected to high temperatures, Dow Corning 700P Additive resists yellowing, while organic dispersants darken significantly.

Figure 3. Heat resistance of Dow Corning® 700P Additive vs. organic pigment dispersants, as supplied

Appearance after overbaking for 1 hour at 250°CAppearance after overbaking for 1 hour at 250°C

Figure 4. Low-yellowing performance of Dow Corning®700P Additive vs. organic pigment dispersants in a high-temperature-curing coating

Appearance after overbaking for 1 hour at 250°CAppearance after overbaking for 1 hour at 250°C

Effective prevention of pigment flooding and floating

Dow Corning 700P Additive effectively prevents pigment flooding without increasing paint viscosity or reducing gloss.

Figure 5. Pigment flooding vs. viscosity

Alkyd resin pigmented with Lomon R996 TiOeljCustomAttribute42end2eljCustomAttribute43end and tinted with carbon black pasteAlkyd resin pigmented with Lomon® R996 TiO2 and tinted with carbon black paste


Dow Corning® 700P Additive Product Information Sheet (PDF)
Download the Dow Corning® 700P Additive Information Guide
Interactive Additive Selection Guide


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Dow Corning® 700P Additive

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