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Silicones from Dow Corning
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The benefits of multi-functional beauty

Color cosmetics can be transformative — for beauty care companies and consumers alike. With an expanding market and an ever-growing demand for more innovative, more technologically advanced products, Dow Corning specialty silicones offer customers the opportunity to take color to a whole new level.

For those that want to stand out in the crowd, we offer formulations for facial, lip and eye make-up applications that increase color intensity, offer greater flexibility, and help make color fun to wear and easy to apply.


More vibrance. More color. More shine. More wow. It's what happens when you take your formulations to the next level with Dow Corning silicones. They're specially formulated to enhance color intensity, while resisting wash-off — all so that consumers can enjoy more vibrant, richer color cosmetics that last.


For cosmetic concepts that turn heads—and win market share—you've got to deliver more than bold, dramatic, long-lasting color. Thanks to the extra conditioning, hydration and masking properties made possible with specialty silicones, your products can prepare and condition the skin for ensuring the optimum effect of your color cosmetic products.


Color cosmetics that feel as good as they look-and last longer with less-frequent application. That's the power of silicones from Dow Corning. Give consumers comfortable, longer-wearing products with unique textures that increase resistance to water removal, while also providing a silky-smooth, powdery after-feel, faster drying times and oil absorbing capabilities.

Featured Products
Dow Corning® PH-1560 Glossy Fluid
Woman caressing her shoulderUnique high-phenyl-content silicone fluid with high reflective index and high viscosity that provides long-lasting shine in lip applications. Delivers benefits of high shine, long-wear and a pleasant sensory profile.

Dow Corning® MQ-1640 Flake Resin
Woman with long red hairA patented blend that increases the performance, flexibility and durability of color cosmetics, skin and sun care formulations.

Dow Corning® FZ-3196 Fluid
Woman caressing her shoulderThis high-quality volatile alkyl methyl siloxane fluid is a unique solution for formulators of skin care, sun care, color cosmetics and hair care products. It offers moderate volatility, affordable cost-in-use, and excellent compatibility with a wide range of ingredients.

Dow Corning® 556 Fluid
Woman caressing her faceAn easily emulsified fluid that is compatible with many organic cosmetic and hair care ingredients. Add this versatile ingredient to your formulations and enjoy valuable benefits like improved spreading, reduced tackiness, higher SPF and wash-off in sunscreens and enhanced shine for hair care products.

Silicone Acrylates from Dow Corning
Eye with makeupFilm formers compatible with organic sunscreens, pigments and cosmetic ingredients. Provide benefits to color cosmetics including long-lasting, non-transfer properties to lipsticks, comfort to wear and durability to foundations and sebum resistance and reduction.

Dow Corning® 680 ID Fluid
Woman applying makeup to her faceA soft and flexible film former that is water and sebum repellent and compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients.

Dow Corning® MQ-1600 Solid Resin
Woman with long hair covering one eyeEasy to use flake-delivery film former that provides multiple benefits in color cosmetic applications including excellent transfer and wash off resistance, non tacky feel when dry, sebum resistance and SPF enhancement potential.

Dow Corning® ES-5300 Formulation Aid
Woman caressing her faceA silicone emulsifier that helps create highly stable water-in-oil emulsions, with broad oil-phase flexibility, across a wide range of viscosity levels. Delivers benefits to cosmetic applications including excellent sensory performance, fine particle dispersion, low odor and low tackiness before and after absorption.

Dow Corning® SW-8005 C30 Resin Wax
Woman applying makeup to her eyeA resin wax that delivers the benefits of unique rheology and texture modification in emulsions and anhydrous gels as well as improved coverage and color uniformity and intensity in color cosmetic applications.

Color Cosmetic Solutions, Innovations with Impact from Dow Corning
Stay Ahead of the Trends with Color Cosmetic Solutions from Dow Corning

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