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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Silicone for Hair Care Products

Getting to the root of beautiful, more manageable hair.

Heat and color protection. Hair strengthening and repair. Conditioning and styling. The benefits of better hair care formulations reach beyond the surface, to enhance not only the beauty of hair, but its very condition.

That's what consumers want — hair care solutions that do more and address more individual hair care challenges. Specialty silicones from Dow Corning make more possible for hair care solutions.


Our leave-in and rinse-off silicone formulations offer protection from environmental factors, heat, and daily combing and styling, and restore hair condition while making it more resilient and resistant to damage.


Dow Corning® brand specialty silicones offer moisturizing and hair repair benefits to counteract tangles, improve resistance to breakage, diminish the feel and appearance of dryness, enhance smoothness, and restore beauty to heat-damaged and chemically treated hair.


Our silicone technologies draw on our extensive formulating expertise to help customers select the right ingredients for their product-styling formulations that improve manageability and control, superior conditioners that provide brilliant shine and increase hair body and volume, or products that provide soft, flexible, natural-looking shape and hold.

Featured Products
Long-lasting solutions for damaged hair
HaiRescueFormulate shampoos, conditioners and leave-In products that meet the need for longer-lasting hair care and protection. Durably restore hair's hydrophobic state, provide long-lasting conditioning and protect hair from breakage.

Dow Corning® CB-3046 Fluid
Superior Frizz ControlFor superior frizz control. Can help you formulate water-based leave-in products that give consumers the natural look and feel they crave, the long-lasting frizz control they need, and the ability to style their hair after use.

Dow Corning® CE-1874 Microemulsion
Woman looking over her shoulderEnables formulations for shampoos and leave-ins that provide hair with a healthy-looking shine and silky-soft feel, without loss of body. Can help formulate clear, sulfate-free and standard shampoos to deliver hair repair and color production benefits.

Silicones for long-lasting hair color
Color Happy galFormulate cleansing conditioners that deliver long-lasting color protection and better color intensity and color trueness while also enhancing hair volume and fast drying.

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