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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Additives for
Rigid Foam

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Silicone surfactants for rigid polyurethane foam

Improve the processing, performance and quality of your rigid polyurethane foam products with proven Dow Corning® brand silicone additives.

Silicone surfactants from Dow Corning have demonstrated their ability to:

  • Increase the compatibility of raw materials
  • Decrease surface tension in polyurethane foam systems
  • Improve emulsification and nucleation
  • Prevent coalescence
  • Stabilize cell membranes

Explore our portfolio of high-quality silicone additives for
rigid foam applications

Product / Name & DescriptionPhysical Properties
at 25°C, mPa-s
OH #, mg KOH/g
Gravity at 25°C
Dow Corning® 193 Additive
General-purpose surfactant for rigid foam applications
Dow Corning® 1605 Additive
Surfactant for insulation panels and spray foam
Dow Corning® 1718 Additive
General surfactant for hydrocarbon- and water-blown rigid foam systems
Dow Corning® 1919 Additive
Surfactant for rigid insulation foam including spray foam systems
Dow Corning® 1990 Additive
Surfactant for rigid foam systems
Dow Corning® 2936 Additive
Surfactant for cold storage and construction insulated-panel systems
Dow Corning® 2937 Additive
General-purpose surfactant for rigid foam
Dow Corning® 2938 Additive
Surfactant for PUR/PIR insulation panels, hydrocarbon-blown appliance systems and water-blown spray foam
Dow Corning® 2945 Additive
Surfactant for construction panel applications
Dow Corning® 5160 Additive
 Surfactant for high-density rigid
 molded foam
Dow Corning® 5357 Additive
Surfactant for appliance and insulation panels, including pour-in-place applications
Dow Corning® 5374 Additive
 Surfactant for pentane-blown rigid
 foam systems
Dow Corning® 5575 Additive
General-purpose surfactant for multiple PUR/PIR rigid foam applications
Dow Corning® 5604 Additive
General-purpose rigid foam surfactant

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Supporting Technologies

We can provide you with a broader range of solutions than many other silicone surfactant suppliers, including:

  • Surface coatings and adhesives
  • Materials for the production of synthetic leather
  • Industrial release coatings for molded polyurethane foam
  • Resins, intermediates and other adaptable silicon-based technologies
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