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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Power and Utilities

Improve electrical insulation.
Reduce power failures. Extend service life.

Ensure power and utilities systems perform reliably with Dow Corning® high-voltage silicone rubbers, fluids, and coatings to improve electrical insulation and reduce power failures.


Enhance power and utilities for improved infrastructure safety and security

You can depend on high voltage silicone materials from Dow Corning to meet your needs for high voltage composite insulators, high voltage insulator coatings, silicone transformer fluid, underground cable remediation, and materials for cable accessories.

Proven XIAMETER® brand high voltage silicone rubbers, fluids, and coatings can enhance reliability and reduce power outages in your power system or network.

Enhance design and manufacturing flexibility

Dow Corning's full range of silicone materials that protect, insulate, and extend service give you added design and manufacturing flexibility.

Raise expectations for power distribution system performance

  • Protect against environmental stresses and extend component service life.

  • Reduce grid power loss, improve safety and security, and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Extend hydrophobic performance, weatherability, resistance to the elements, while minimizing tracking and erosion.

Select products that meet your requirements

Find the XIAMETER high voltage silicone material that meets your power and utility application needs.

Get exactly what you need

XIAMETER silicone rubber products can be tailored to specific performance and application requirements.

Learn more about the money-, time- and labor-saving benefits of customized silicone elastomers from Dow Corning.

Request a Customized Elastomer

Choose XIAMETER® brand silicone rubber

XIAMETER silicone rubber products are manufactured by Dow Corning to the same quality and performance standards as our other globally known and trusted silicone elastomers.

Sold in the most cost-effective way possible – online and through knowledgeable Dow Corning distributors – XIAMETER® brand helps you stay cost competitive in challenging economic times with:

Learn more about the benefits of buying XIAMETER® brand at www.xiameter.com.

Learn why silicone elastomers are the better performance choice
Silicone elastomers from Dow Corning offer performance advantages few organic elastomers can match.

Explore products
Find and compare silicone elastomers for your application.

Tell us what you need.

Request a Customized Elastomer

Ask a question
If you do not find the answer to your silicone rubber material or fabricating question on our website, please contact us.

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