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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Innovative, efficient silicone antifoams
and performance modifiers enhance
brownstock washing.


Effective foam control for brownstock washing

Silicone antifoams from Dow Corning outperform oil-based defoamers in both sulfite and kraft pulping operations, delivering value and performance.

Foam Control for Kraft Pulp Washing

For efficient and effective control of foam for kraft pulp-washing, consider new XIAMETER® ACP-3073 Antifoam Compound, which features:

  • Low use levels compared to mineral-oil-based defoamers
  • Excellent foam knockdown and persistence at low use levels
  • Improved drainage in brownstock washing

Dow Corning has an extensive range of products for pulp brown stock washing – concentrates, compounds, emulsions and additives – designed to help meet different pulp-processing challenges around the world. Find solutions for your application in the pulp and paper antifoams selection guide (PDF).

Use the Antifoam Calculator.

Get the Silicone Advantage with Silicone PolyEther (SPE) Performance Modifiers

  • Silicone performance modifiers can be used in combination with Antifoam Compounds to create a unique competitive advantage and address the needs of specific mills
  • Enhance stability, knockdown, persistency and drainage of antifoam emulsions

Silicone Benefits for Brownstock Washing

Learn about silicone’s many benefits for brownstock washing, along with formulation considerations, in our Silicone Foam Control Technology for Kraft Brownstock Washing (PDF) white paper.

Learn more about silicon-based chemistry

> Take our silicon chemistry tutorial
> Read pulping technical papers

Supportive services and integrated business solutions

> Tailored product, service and technologypackages to meet specific pulp-processing needs> Global resources, local support

Contact us to discuss your pulp-manufacturing challenges and opportunities.

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Silicone PolyEther (SPE) Performance ModifiersDiscover

Silicone PolyEther (SPE)
Performance Modifiers
for pulp manufacturing.

Effective foam-control agent and process aidEffective foam-control agent and process aid

Discover XIAMETER® ACP-3073 Antifoam Compound (PDF) for kraft pulp-washing.
Antifoam CalculatorUse the Antifoam Calculator

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