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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Improve Solar Product Performances to Meet Industry Needs

Solar Solutions Center technician

Silicon and silicone advantage solar materials

Silicon chemistry enhances performance and delivers sustainability in solar materials.

Silicon and silicone are helping to unleash the power of solar energy around the world, in part by addressing the critical needs of the global solar industry: reducing total cost of kilowatt-hours and increasing the durability and performance of photovoltaic modules and concentrators.

•Silicon, as one of the most abundant elements in nature, is a fundamentally sustainable source for the raw materials and silicone products that help harvest renewable energy from the sun.
•Silicon metal and monosilane have long been the backbone of the semiconductor industry.
•Solar-grade polycrystalline silicon, manufactured by our majority-owned joint ventures Hemlock Semiconductor Group, has demonstrated its value as a raw material for wafers.
•Silicone adhesives and sealants offer proven performance in the toughest environments, as demonstrated by decades of reliability in construction and electronics applications and now new applications in solar module and panel manufacturing.

Here are the many ways our solar solutions
help meet your needs

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Did you know?

• Dow Corning is one of only a few companies that has the capability to provide silicon-based solutions throughout the PV value chain, including feedstocks and a wide range of other options that improve the performance and durability of finished solar modules. You benefit through more options and stronger solutions.
•Silicon and silicones are a perfect fit in providing protection for solar devices. Using silicon-based materials, solar modules are capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

Trust the silicone advantage for demanding solar applications

> Proven silicone materials provide distinct advantages over organic competitors.
 •Long-term elasticity, pliability and flexibility
 •Resistance to rain, sleet, snow, ozone and ultraviolet radiation
 •Resistance to damage and degradation from high or low temperature extremes, thermal shock, chemicals, oxidation and corrosion
 •Resistance to aging − silicones do not harden, crack, peel, crumble, dry out, rot or become brittle like many organics
 • Ultra-transparency
 •Strong adhesive properties
 •Water repellency
 •Excellent dielectric properties

More durable solutions
for photovoltaic systems

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Experience proven performance

Architects and builders
depend on reliable silicone
performance for demanding
construction projects such
as the Time Warner Center
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